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Chef_biddy6, May 22, 8:20 am
I don't want to join Consumer just to look at reviews for the one product so being cheeky and hoping someone here who has online access will kindly help me out. I am particularly interested in how the Breville BSG540 stacks up.
I can see online that a number of brands and sizes were put to the test but I can't find a date for when this was done.

For those of you who have a Breville sandwich press (any model) - how have you found the teflon coating wears?

Chef_awoftam, May 22, 8:25 am

Chef_maynard9, May 22, 9:10 am
I replaced my Sunbeam with a Breville and love it. I have the one with the hinge so you can do thicker breads like foccacia.

Chef_biddy6, May 22, 10:33 am
Thanks awoftam I did read those two reviews (rated1 excellent & 1 poor) for the model I'm considering but couldn't see any other independent reviews via google.

Thanks maynard. Sounds like you have the model I'm looking at and obviously haven't had any problems with the non stick coating peeling. The poor review mentioned in the awoftam's link, had this problem with their original and replacement machines. Like you, we enjoy thicker artisan breads so adjustable hinges would be a bonus.

Thank you both for your input :-)

Chef_cgvl, May 22, 10:59 am
I not much help but to say that the hinge one is better. My mother has the hinge one and I really like it, unfortunately my DH bought one and it doesn't have the hinge and consequently is hopeless for doing anything where the filling melts/runs.

Chef_carriebradshaw, May 22, 11:02 am
I have the one your looking at and its great,had no problems with it.Its the second Breville one I've had and I would definitely recommend it.

Chef_maynard9, May 22, 10:22 pm
I am surprised about issues with the coating. I would use mine at least 3 times a week and have just had a really close look now and there is no sign of any problem. I am very careful to quickly wipe any spillages off with a paper towel before they 'set'.

I find the hinge is fabulous for doing the infamous cheese rolls so I don't have to waste power in my oven, but as I said in previous reply I use for foccacia, paninis - even ciabatta rolls.

Chef_rainrain1, May 22, 10:46 pm
I've had one for about 3yrs, and the Teflon is as good as new. Mind you, I look after it, and only wipe it over with a cloth or handy towel, and use aplastic fish slice if I have to
It makes great toasted sandwiches, I love mine

Chef_dbab, May 22, 11:37 pm
I find the Breville one great. I have used it to make pikelets too.

Chef_biddy6, Jul 17, 10:07 am
Your feedback is much appreciated, girls - thank you! I shall now wait till this model comes on special somewhere. Piklets, dbab yumm! We love toasted sandwiches, pancakes, wraps, & cheese rolls with soup so will look forward to cooking these in it.

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