Alison Holst kitchen diaries

pink-dragon, Sep 22, 7:26am
I have been slowly collecting these.Could someone please confirm how many there are.I have up to number 12.Also is " the 10th Anniversary edition"- 318752626 number 10?? as this is the one I am missing.

katalin2, Sep 22, 7:41am
there were 12. The 10th anniversary one is indeed no 10. It is a good one to have as it is indexed to the previous 10. Mine are falling to bits- they have a real history with comments next to recipes from when the kids were little. My mum started getting them for me when I was a new wife- they came out every year. They have also been published as a book which I also have but still tend to use the little diaries as I know my way around them better.

donnabeth, Sep 22, 10:51pm
Of all my Alison Holst books, her original little Dollars and Cents book is my favourite. It has greasy thumb prints,notes under grease, interesting specks and falling out pages. The health department would probably condemn it if they saw the state of it, but it's old faithful and comes out time after time.

pink-dragon, Apr 10, 7:17am
Thanks.I inherited the first couple from my Mum and have been slowly collecting the rest.Mums ones are " well used" and I could probably find replacements in better condition but don't think they would have the same feel.Yes I also have the Dollars and sense book in the same format.It is always popular on here when I list a copy.