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deluxe4u, Sep 20, 11:25pm
Ok, so I have a whole can about to expire, general baking ingredients only available (wish i had some bikkie crumbs to make slice but I don't) Any ideas? or website where I can enter ingredients, I've forgotten where I normally go... Thanks in advance!

ashanti, Sep 20, 11:32pm
Funnily enough, i am in teh same sort of dilemma but with an open can i have just used only 4 tblspns out of it for a neenish slice, thinking caramel slice? with teh rest?

deluxe4u, Sep 20, 11:39pm
I can only find fudge recipes and thats not too healthy for afternoon tea for the kids....

rover48, Sep 20, 11:50pm
I made at the weekend the recipe of the can for Choc Rough slice, haven't made it for years and it is "YUM" nearly all gone by the men in the house.

deluxe4u, Sep 20, 11:58pm

looks lovely but I don't have chocolate!

245sam, Sep 21, 12:02am
deluxe4u and ashanti, have you remembered that sweetened condensed milk can be frozen?

deluxe4u, I'm assuming that your can is not opened, if which case there's no rush for you to use it, it WILL be ok for some time to come, so long as the can is not damaged in any way - the date on the can is not usually a 'Use By' but a 'Best Before' date so it should be ok to wait until you have the biscuits to make the slice.:-))

deluxe4u, Sep 21, 12:12am
Thanks 245sam, but I think I'm going to run with a caramel slice (without the chocolate topping) YUM!

cheese-mike, Sep 21, 2:56am
This is AWESOME!
Try it :D

I adore this recipe with condensed milk

juliewn, Sep 21, 3:06am
Hi.. if you don't have biscuit crumbs, use crushed cornflakes, weetbix, etc.. they work well too.

deluxe4u, Sep 21, 4:07am
gosh great ideas, thanks everyone!
ps, caramel slice (with coconut in base) was a real treat!

smileeah, Sep 21, 4:59am
Oh my! That recipe looks delicious. And I love the step by step pics. Thanks for the link, I'll def be making that soon.

cap, Sep 21, 5:19am
I loved the pics too - I want to try taking pics thr next time I bake lol!That square does look delicious and different to my usual baking so I will be giving it a go.

griffo4, Sep 23, 8:59pm
Thanks for that recipe cheese_mike l made it last night and it is really nice and l will be using it alot from now on

fruitluva2, Sep 23, 10:16pm
Sounds real good, thanks for sharing

vintagekitty, Sep 23, 10:16pm
GREAT SITE, love the photos and the sense of humour

greerg, Sep 23, 11:08pm
That's what I'll make!Daughter coming home from uni at Otago tonight and I was wondering what to put in the fridge for when she opensit and asks "What's yummy in here?" - within two minutes of walking in the door.I have a bag of lemons waiting for inspiration.

cheese-mike, Sep 24, 12:35am
Im going to make it again today ;)

shawkt, Sep 24, 4:29am
Yum I made this the other night it was so good all gone here too. It was on the pams can

greerg, Sep 24, 4:29am
Definitely yummy enough!I hope it freezes because I can't have that sitting around once daughter leaves -there's been too much earthquake eating here already. Thanks cheese-mike.

paghan, Sep 24, 8:19am
I made this tonight, It will now be now be a firm favourite... Very yummy

vintagekitty, Sep 24, 8:35am
Did you use the one can of condensed milk, its just the American cans look bigger?

greerg, Sep 24, 9:47am
I just used one and it seems fine - what about others?

fruitluva2, Sep 24, 11:04am
Approximately how much lemons is needed for the zest can I ask of the Creamy lemon crumb-squares?

turksta3, Sep 25, 2:49am
cheese-mike wrote:
This is AWESOME!
Try it :D

This looks yummy, will be making soon, have heaps of lemons to use!!

paghan, Sep 25, 3:48am
The Lemons I used where big ones, personally I like the lemon taste, I am going to add abit more on my next one.

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