Beef or Lamb curry .. anyone ?

anubis1, Sep 18, 2:49am
really feel like a good curry for tea, never made before .. and cant find a decent recipe to follow .. can anyone help ? TIA

winnie231, Sep 18, 3:45am
anubis1 - what stlye of curry are you wanting?
Indian, Thai or ...? How hot? Tomato based or creamy or ?
Give us some more info & I'm sure someone will be able to help you.

h.e, Sep 19, 3:27am
1onion 1 peeled apple 2 cloves garlic all chopped fry in 2 T butter dont brown just soften 1T yes big T curry cook for a minutethrow in a can of tomatoes and a cup of chicken stock bring to the boil .throw it in a blender giv e it a whizz up theres your sauceback in the pan cup or 2 of meat simmer for 10 min or so serve over rice .dont be worried about the amount of curry in it as the apple kills alot of the heat 1T is not that hot my 9 yr old will eat it

anne1955, Sep 19, 5:27am
Google a decent curry recipe I made all mine from scratch from dry frying the spices and then grinding them but you can use packeted not as nice but ok and for a starter fine...they aren't hard to do and need not be hot..also some god forbid great pkt mixes out there But there's nothing like the real thing start simple and let it win you over as a food and then go for gold :) well worth it...

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