Coconut Pannacotta with Mascerated Strawberries

firemansgirl, Sep 15, 7:42am
Saw this in a magazine the other week, not a 'true' pannacotta but thought I'd give it a go, tasted lovely! Strawberries really finished it off. If Anyone thinks they'd like to try it, I'll list the recipe.

winnie231, Sep 15, 7:48am
Yes please!!! Sounds lovely :)

lizab, Sep 15, 7:50am
sounds delish!! I'm always printing out recipes that I'll try at a dinner party one day ... so yes please :) Thx

firemansgirl, Sep 15, 7:53am
Well I tried it on a male friend (my closest guinea pig lol) and fussy when it comes to desserts, and he loved it! I'll add it on here shortly.

firemansgirl, Sep 15, 8:03am
Coconut Pannacotta & Soy Strawberries

2 cups coconut cream (1 x 400g tin), 1/4 cup sugar, 1 tbs gelatine

Place coconut cream & sugar in a saucepan over a medium heat, stir until sugar dissolves. Add gelatine to hot mixture, whisk until gelatine dissolves, cool slightly, strain and pour into serving glasses. (I used small wine glasses) Chill in fridge for minimum of 3hrs.

Soy Strawberries

3 tsp castor sugar2 tsp hot water1 tsp dark soy sauce
125g strawberries, hulled then quartered (or 8ths if they're large)

Put strawberries into bowl. Stir castor sugar and water together until sugar has dissolved, then add soy sauce and pour over the strawberries, leave to mascerate for one hour.

Carefully put strawberry segments on top of the pannacotta and drizzle with the soy syrup.Eat!!

This will serve 4, it is pretty rich. If you want more generous servings, double the recipe.

bisloy, Sep 15, 9:51am
Soy sauce - like as in Chinese cuisine soy sauce?????

firemansgirl, Sep 15, 10:39am
Um yes, that sort of soy sauce, has to be dark. Sounded really weird to me but it's gorgeous.

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