Can you cut strawberries before chocolate dipping?

joel48, Dec 24, 4:12am
Or will this wreck them because of the juice etc!

I have two kg of strawberries to coat before tomorrow and some of them are MONSTERS! Thought I could cut (then they would also sit better on tray) but don't want to do it if they will turn out rubbish.

245sam, Dec 24, 4:26am
joe148, I don't know for sure but my understanding is just as you're thinking i.e. that the strawberry juice will prevent the chocolate from adhering to the strawberries.I remember when I did a brief chocolate making course many years ago that we were told that the strawberries must be as dry as possible - can you dip just the uncut side!:-))

joel48, Dec 24, 6:11am
Ah ha good thinking 245sam, that may just be the way to go! Do you think the cut side of the strawberry will go manky between tonight and tomorrow lunch!

wheelz, Dec 24, 6:39am
Why cut them at all!! Let them be the top ones, and a few lucky people will thank you ! It is Christmas after all!

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