Lemons Vs Limes

zambesi2, Sep 11, 11:57pm
Does anyone know whether it would make any difference if I used limes instead of lemons in a lemon tart?I know the taste would vary of course, but just wondering if it would actually work or not, with the acidity being different.Has any one tried this?

beaker59, Sep 12, 12:22am
I haven't tried it but sounds like a worth while experiment and no reason why it wouldn't work.

horizons_, Sep 12, 12:27am
Should be fine.

seniorbones, Sep 12, 12:30am
I do that all the time because our lime tree is tahitian and they turn yellow so often I have used them in error instead of a lemon, it will be just as nice.

sultana0, Sep 12, 2:57am
Limes are super great

sultana0, Sep 12, 2:59am
PS as long as you dont have to pay for them... theyre bl/'dy dear compared to lemons

zambesi2, Sep 12, 7:34am
Thanx for that.I have a lime tree and the limes have turned yellow as I have left them on the tree too long.I will do the experiment and
let you all know.:)

samsara11, Sep 12, 7:42am
May need to add a little extra sugar

stormbaby, Sep 12, 9:35pm
I love limes! Try chicken breasts or thighs (I love the thigh meat more than chicken breasts) marinated in a little lime juice, a little lemon, black pepper and salt. Grill. Yum!

ribzuba, Mar 14, 6:19am
turns out fine-i used to make it with limes in mexico where they didnt have lemons