korbo, Jul 24, 10:42am
having just found out what the lemons in most supermarkets are, (lisborn) and that my own lemons should be Meyer... ...
WHAT are the best for baking as in a cake.
which one give the best flavour... .

pickles7, Jul 24, 8:41pm
Meyers are great for juice, lemon drinks. . You need to keep adding the juice from them to get any flavour at all. . I would never use them for cooking, wouldn't want to throw out the rest of the ingredients.

The others give way better flavour, using very little juice.

harrislucinda, Jul 24, 9:41pm
Ihaveonlyeverusedmeyer forcookingandjuiceneverhadanythingelseandnevernoticed thedifference

grannypam, Jul 24, 9:43pm
I can never remember which one is which. .

too me a Lemon is a lemon. . lol

have one sort (thick skinned) at my daughters and the other sort (thin skinned) here though. .

daleaway, Jul 24, 9:46pm
Lisbon and other pale, smooth lemons are sub-tropical.

They are far more acidic than Meyer, which is a citrus hybrid, and so some people think Lisbon is a true lemon and Meyer is too sweet.

I find for all practical purposes Meyer is a good all round lemon, for cooking or cleaning uses. It can be pippy, as hybrid citrus often is - the degree of pippiness depends on what other citrus are growing nearby. Meyer grows throughout New Zealand. Lisbon does not.

grannypam, Jul 24, 9:55pm
so Meyer are the thicker skinned ones. .

or am I still confused . . lol

cookessentials, Jul 24, 9:55pm
I like the Yen Ben-lovely and juicy.

cookessentials, Jul 24, 9:56pm
We also have Villa Franca

korbo, Jul 24, 10:40pm
interesting, but has anyone ever wondered why the ones at supermarket look like they came outta a mould... . ? ? ? ? ?

terraalba, Jul 25, 1:54am
From memory the need for meyer lemons have one drawback in that they aren't so good for when you need lemon zest in some recipes. The lemons that grown in warmer climates do better for this. Down here though we really only grow the meyers well so the others are bought when zest is particularly important for a recipe.

wildflower, Jul 25, 3:47am
I've just planted a meyer as I read they're the hardiest and it'll need all the help it can get in my ground!

griffo4, Jul 25, 5:56am
GP my 2 meyers are thin skinned and smooth and they are laden at present if that helps

bisloy, Jul 26, 1:53am
Any spares, send them my way. After 2 years my lemon is still the same size - 30cm. Only had one lemon off it - the size of a ping pong ball. Reall hard to get anything to grow round my place!

fisher, Jul 26, 2:08am
lemon zest is zest is zest is zest... :}
Meyer has always been a NZ favourite. . and pretty hardy all round. .
Mine and next doors are laden right now and seeing the tenants just moved out... theirs wont be naymore. . hahahaha:}

griffo4, Dec 2, 3:18am
bisloy you have to feed them they are big feeders and so l apply fert every 3 months to all my citrus and l am rewarded well for that