Freezing Lemons

racingroo, Jun 23, 7:28pm
Do you have to juice these to freeze or can you freeze them whole?

margyr, Jun 23, 7:32pm
according to google you can; Lemons and limes can be frozen whole in freezer bags. The peel will be soft when thawed, but the pulp will not.

Read more at Suite101: Freezing Citrus cfm/food_preservation/70029#

racingroo, Jun 23, 7:35pm
awesome - thanks for that! ! ! !

jessie981, Jun 23, 8:28pm
Freeze mine whole, but only use them for baking.

racingroo, Jun 24, 4:07am
Do they come out soft like the say on that site?

jessie981, Jun 24, 8:10am
The thin skinned do. Makes them easy to squeeze.

racingroo, Jun 24, 7:29pm
Great - thanks again.

littleblackhen, Jun 27, 2:24am
Does this also apply to grapefruit and will the peels of these fruits still be suitable for making marmalade jam.

monkey_room, Sep 9, 9:44pm
You can cut as for marmalade and freeze so they are ready to roll. Same for grapefruit also.