maybee5, Sep 10, 5:56am
Can you freeze Lemons

nachonz, Sep 10, 6:37am
i freeze lemon juice in ice cubes trays then move them into snap lock bagstastes great and lasts for ages

motorbo, Sep 10, 6:38am
oh and dont forget to jizz the rind and add to freeze

maybee5, Sep 10, 8:55am
Thank you.Can they be frozen whole

olwen, Sep 11, 1:19am
You can preserve them in salt

maybee5, Sep 13, 5:36am
Can whole Lemons be frozen

winnie231, Sep 13, 5:42am
Yes you can!

marleneg, Sep 13, 9:14am
just wipe them with a damp cloth and freeze them . no need to bag them......they are great for juicing and you can still use the skins.....I always have lemons in the freezer

maybee5, Sep 14, 5:16am
Thank you all very much, good to know you can freeze them

maybee5, Mar 18, 3:14pm
Thank you all very much you have been a good help