How long can you keep fresh cows milk for?

sandra25, Sep 11, 3:20am
Has been in a clean, sealed bucket in the fridge. Thanks, Was planning on making cheese but have had it a couple of days.

uli, Sep 11, 4:40am
Depends how clean it was (hand or machine milked etc) and how cool the fridge is. Your best bet is heating it up to junket temperature and checking the taste then.

lizab, Sep 11, 7:09am
The milk we have is straight from the cow, handmilked. We just strain it into a 4 litre bucket and let it sit in the fridge for 24 hrs. Then I take off all the cream that has risen to the top with a ladel (I mostly use the cream for muffins mostly instead of butter) and we drink the milk that's left. We get fresh milk every other day courtesy of my elderly father in law, who is the milker of the cow!! Sandra - I'd say the milk would be fine for up to 3 days if it's been refrigerated, but after that I'd biff the lot.

cgvl, Sep 11, 12:53pm
I would have thought that Fresh cow's milk would last a lot longer than 3 days.
Good refrigeration will help keep it longer.

Milk bought from a supermarket is a lot older than that and has a use by date often 10 days further out. ie bought last thursday, use by date 24th.

Smell alone will tell you if it has started to turn.

nimmicky, Sep 11, 8:06pm
Milk from a Supermarket is treated and messed about with and keeps way longer than it should. I get fresh milk every 3 days. It'd probably be ok for 4 days at a minimum. Then chuck whats left to the fowsl or animals and get more fresh.

ashanti, Sep 12, 12:30am
I get fresh milk for the house every 4 days, as someone else said, milk from teh shop is treated to last longer.

norma2, Sep 12, 1:57am
daughter keeps theirs for a week in fridge,asthey get it weekly.I made cheese after that.

lizab, Sep 12, 3:17am
I was just guessing at three days, but then I get it fresh every other day, so don't need to keep it that long. As long as it smells ok, I would think you'd know if it was ok to drink :)

coolkiwibird, Sep 12, 3:52am
It should be fine. i keep mine a lot longer before doing anything with it. cheese has to sit for a few days at room temp while it "ages" anyway. Don't sweat it just do it.

pinkhorsebabe, Mar 13, 2:11am
Fonterra dont like to sit milk in vats for longer then 2-3days