Birthday cake

marcs, Sep 9, 6:10am
So......hubby has asked for a nissan skyline gtr cake for his 40th birthday. That is going to be challenging.

rainrain1, Sep 9, 6:25am
hee hee black and silver

motorbo, Sep 9, 6:34am
he is a big kid then

marcs, Sep 9, 7:35am
Yes he is a big kid and loves his skylines. He had to sell his because we had kids and a two door sports car just did not suit. I have till January to decide how I am going to tackle this cake. Getting it made will be too expensive.

cap, Sep 9, 8:37pm
Have you seen "Ace of Cakes" on Food TV?They make the most amazing cakes starting a a minimum of $1000!Anyway - good luck!

cgvl, Sep 9, 9:13pm
That would be a fairly easy cake to assemble but the icing would be the hardest part.
What flavour is he wanting, ie choc, plain or something more out there lol.
Sponge rolls and sponge cakes are the way to go.
Have fun and experiment well in advance to get just the right design etc.

ess.j, Sep 9, 9:22pm
Get a pic of the car, enlarge it to what size cake you want. Cut the pic out, make a square cake and put pic on top and cut round it. Then you have the shape. I did that with a racing bike for my son. Added colour etc. Turned out awesome.

marcs, Sep 10, 5:42am
thought about just printing a picture of his skyline on icing and putting it on the cake. Apparently that is no challenge for my talent. He had been watching too much of Ace of Cakes and Cake Boss thinking I can produce cakes like that. The best I can do is a barbie cake much to my kids delight and his horror.

marcs, Mar 9, 4:03pm
I have priced up one of the cakes shops that look like they do a decent job. I have seen a picture of a holden V8 racing car they have done and it looks good. The pirce is $480 which in way is reasonable for the amount of work going into it. I can see myself being very frustrated trying to make it especially in here in Auz when it will about 40 degrees in January. I might just suprise hubby, afterall it is his 40th which by the way he is not looking forward to. hehe.