I want to make a cake sort of like this...

parashem, Sep 5, 3:40am
Can anyone give some tips on how to do the icing. tia :)

cookessentials, Sep 5, 3:41am
Is there supposed to be a link to a photo??

parashem, Sep 5, 3:41am

fee1965, Sep 5, 3:48am
Ha ha - get a cake decorator to do it for you.I did my girls 21st cake, took me 3 goes to roll out the fondant properly - not easy.Leave it to the pro's.

kiwibubbles, Sep 5, 4:00am
what part of the icing?
for the pink grassy things around the bottom of each cake, use a sieve to push the icing through...or perhaps a garlic press that hasn't been used before.
The black pieces looks lightly raised, so i'm guessing its just plain icing that's been roleld onto the cake, and then you get some black icing, and cut out some pieces that have been rolled out thin, and then use something like jam or glaze to stick on the black pieces .

fifie, Sep 6, 12:35am
Biggest cake, ice with white fondant icing, roll out black icing thin cut out your shapes brush with a little egg white or water and stick on to white icing all over. Let dry 24 hours.

parashem, Sep 6, 3:04am
Thanks for the advice...I think I may change my mind after seeing this hehe. Im so not prepared and I need to have it done by Saturday.

chef1964, Sep 6, 3:24am
if you lived in chch we could do it for you ,,, ohh and if my nerves weren't shot to shit, i dont think my hands let alone my bench would be stable enough to begin icing a cake today

sara134, Mar 1, 10:06pm
You need fondant icing and gel colours unless you can find the already coloured stuff and 2 cakes one smaller then the other.I did this one for my daughters 5th birthday (first time using fondant and gel colours) http://s997.photobucket.com/albums/af98/saramac1/?action=view&current=DSCF1646.jpg .Good luck :)