Tzaziki,chicken,couscous and?

cottagerose, Sep 4, 7:49am
I used to make a meal with couscous or rice with a chicken breast on top then tzaziki on top of the chicken and something orange or red that I bought from the deli a supermarket but cant remember what it was.
Does anyone have any idea what it may be that would go with the tzaziki.

toadfish, Sep 4, 10:45am

uli, Sep 4, 10:01pm
chicken breast with fish roe toadfish? Hmmm.

geldof, Sep 5, 12:50am
harissa, chargrilled red peppers?

toadfish, Sep 5, 3:44am
And your suggestion for the Greek Red/Orangy thing that you but from a deli is Uli?

cottagerose, Sep 5, 7:06am
Well I guess it was tomato and garlic hummus as I tried it tonight and it was lovely.

uli, Feb 27, 10:59pm
Good question - the word "Greek" never appeared in post #1.
Maybe the tzaiziki made you think it is a Greek recipe?