Your best Couscous recipe please

jed, Mar 23, 12:53am
Have to make couscous salad for a large number of people. What do you put in yours? I made some with cranberries, pine nuts, feta cheese and sweet chilli sauce. It was yum but open to suggestions. TIA

245sam, Mar 23, 12:55am
jed, try a search here on this Trademe MB using 'couscous' as the Keyword and 'Anytime' as the Date posted option - you'll find a number of earlier threads re couscous recipes, ideas and info'. :-))

jed, Mar 23, 1:00am
Thanks for that Sam I will give it a go.

barbra1, Mar 23, 11:15am
Just had a quick look thru the couscous recipes, found it strange that most people have commented on it being very bland. Have you ever tried rice or pasta on their own, with no salt or flavourings? couscous is in the same range, once it has had the hot water or stock added, then you tart it up with other ingredients and you have a flavoursome meal... so don't get hung up on the 'bland' description.

elliehen, Mar 23, 11:22am
I would add tofu to your list! People get 'hung up' on that in the same way.

deus701, Nov 28, 12:53pm
I prepare my couscous with chicken stock. I would probably add some raisins (soaked in water & drained), some flaked almonds (for abit of a texture) and maybe some diced capsicum.

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