Gluten and dairy free

rachael38, Aug 19, 1:55am
My son is now on a GF DF diet to help with his bowel and digestion. We drink rice milk (as I am trying to avoid soy for hormonal reasons) but am wondering if you can get rice milk powder? Plus any great suggestion anyone has as my son hasn't exactly been loving his new diet. thanks

2halls, Aug 19, 2:03am
Hi there, just as a hint for you ... the Signature Range Organic Rice Milk is always the cheapest by a long way. It is available at Countdown and Fresh Choice supermarkets (in Christchurch). It can go on special for $2. 49 quite regularly, and occasionally even lower. You cannot buy rice milk powder anywhere that I am aware of. I used to buy soy milk powder, but no longer drink soy, so have to purchase the tetrapaks of the rice milk. Have you been doing some baking for your son ? I'm thinking of muffins or snack food type things, as they are the things that are really hard to buy both gluten AND dairy free ! Lindt chocolate is pretty good ... generally does not have gluten, dairy or soy as an ingredient (but check the flavour you are purchasing). Does he like curries or spicy foods ? They are easily adaptable to a GF/DF diet. :-)

rachael38, Aug 19, 2:08am
Thanks for the chocolate hint. I can bribe him with it as the carob buttons didn't go down well either. We are having GF DF pizza tonight so he can help make them (he is 6 and a typical boy, he is hard work at the best of times so I am hoping this diet will help his behaviour as well). I bought $10 dairy free cheese called cheesly or something and apart for the price, it seems pretty good.

frances1266, Aug 19, 3:36am
I wouldnt be concerned about soy and hormones as there was a study done recently on those people who had soy in their diets since they were very young and were now 30 or 40 years old. There were no adverse affects whatsoever.
Cheezly is best put on pizza a few minutes before you take it out of the oven - keeps it soft as it can go a bit crunchy if cooked too long.
There are gluten free threads here that are good, some recipes are dairy free. The website glutenfreegoddess has many good gluten free dairy free recipes. Vegan sites will also have many suitable recipes for dairy free - you can sub gluten free flours. Orgran products from the supermarket are generally gluten and dairy free.

rachael38, Aug 19, 5:51am
Wow. I was scared off soy by a slightly fanatical book I read by Elaine Hollingsworth. Perhaps I should look into it further before narrowing our diets even further. Any studies/ sites you recommend?

2halls, Aug 19, 7:24am
In my opinion fermented soy products are fine, ie - soy sauce, miso and tempeh, but I (personally) would not touch unfermented soy products with a barge pole, they do contain a lot of hormones. People who have traditionally eaten a lot of soy (ie - Chinese) predominantly eat fermented soy products. I agree that it is a good idea to read widely before you decide. Please don't think I am trying to persuade you one way or the other, that is none of my business. This is just what I believe to be best for me. :-)

frances1266, Feb 8, 11:50am
The anti soy brigade are the low carb group who are fanatical about soy. The Chinese have eaten soy for generations and not just fermented soy as is often stated by this group. There is confusion about the hormones in soy. Many have cured themselves of cancer by adopting a high soy diet. Prof Jane Plant wrote a book called Your Life in Your Hands based on her experience with breast cancer. It had returned 5 times when after researching with her husband why, when they worked in China there was a very low incidence of reproductive cancer they realised it was because the Chinese do not eat dairy. She cut dairy out, subbed it with soy and within a few weeks saw her latest tumour decrease and then disappear. The hormones in soy are weaker than hormones circulating in your body - the weaker soy hormones attach themselves to cells and the stronger dangerous estrogen hormones have nothing to attach themselves to and are destroyed. Prof Plant was named Scientist of the Year in Britain recently and the Charing Cross Hospital has adopted her cancer therapy. Her books are probably in the library. I think it sad, if not dangerous that the low carb people promote a high animal fat diet which is dangerous to people's health.
I will post the paper on the study on soy when I have a little more time.