could I freeze lemons just sliced?

cloffie, Feb 21, 10:36pm
I have been given a heap of lemons and wondered if I could just slice them and free flow freeze them? I provide my staff with bottles of iced water and if I have lemons or limesI put a slice in. [I very seldom use lemon juice in recipes ] TIA

squeakygirl, Feb 21, 11:00pm
Yes you can, I do them like that - great for water and for g & ts etc. Also put in iced tea and punch. I also make ice cubes with lemon and mint in them for summer drinks.

bernice1, Feb 21, 11:13pm
Also freeze in quarters or 6ths for putting into drinks.

cappucino1, Feb 22, 12:07am
If you freeze them on a tray or something first and then takes them off once they are frozen ad put them in a bag you can freeze them free flow so that when you want to you them you can take out as many as you need and they won't all be frozen together

cloffie, Aug 27, 8:57am
thanks all I thought you could but just wasnt sure.