Superb Cheese Flaky Pastry

popeye333, Sep 19, 6:44am
From the Holsts Mince and sausage Book just out. 2 cups flour, 1 cup grated tasty cheese, 125 grms cold butter. 1/2 cup cold water and 2 teaspoons lemon juice. Put flour and cheese in a kitchen whizz. Using the chopping blade. Pulse in the butter and then add the liquids. Mix till it just forms a ball when pressed together. Shape into a ball and refridgerate 30 mins or so. ... I made little mince pies that are also in the book. But the pastry would be great for any savoury dish. Especially sausage rolls. Its the nicest pasty I have made or tasted.

fifie, Sep 19, 9:30am
Mmm Thanks for posting recipe popeye, sounds a nice recipe agree would be great for savoury dishes will be trying it out. .

juliewn, Sep 19, 2:04pm
Thanks from me too Popeye. . it sounds delicious. . :-)

weezil, Sep 20, 10:37am
I made this today and its really yummy. . even resembled flakey pastry (not bad for me)... used the off cuts for cheese straws which got demolished far to quickly. .

popeye333, Sep 21, 1:45am
It is nice eh weezil I hant thought about using it for cheese straws. But Ive wanted to make them for ages, and these doo taste nice. I wonder if it would spoil it to add some cayenne pepper. I soo love cayenne with cheese. Then make thin straws and they saty crunchy. The left over pies I made on saturday will be eaten tonight and they are still crisp too.

popeye333, Sep 21, 6:27am
I reheated the remaining two pies tonight in the microwave on 50% power and they were as crisp as when I made them on saturday. Still nice and flaky too.

uli, Sep 28, 5:23am
bump Nice recipe!

uli, Oct 5, 4:54am
another bump for popeye333 great recipe.

books4nz, Oct 5, 5:40am
You could add some cayenne - and a little mustard powder added would enhance the cheese flavour too, as it does with making cheese scones.

denbru, Oct 9, 9:37am
Well I made this pastry today and I am most impressed, my daughter called in this afternoon and asked what the yummy smell was coming from the kitchen I had leftover beef steak casserole from last night and made this delicious pie and also made bacon & egg savouries I would recommend to you ladies to try it thats if you haven't already! !

kiwitrish, Oct 9, 7:39pm
popeye333. Thanks for the great recipe. Sounds like it works well by the other postings. Will try it our today.

luckyduck, Aug 26, 12:01pm
I made this pastry for the first time yesterday and it is great. I had to take a plate to work and wanted to make some mini quiche savories. I didn't have any of my usual bought flakey pastry so I gave this a go.
So easy and very tasty. This will go into my favorites file.

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