Wholemeal and rye bread recipe

jazz46, Aug 14, 7:40am
does anyone have a wholemeal recvipe for bread thankyou.

nauru, Jan 24, 3:00pm
This one is a 50/50 loaf, 750g size
310ml water, 1 tablsp oil, 13/4 teasp salt, 2 tablsp sugar, 11/2 cups each bread flour/ wholemeal plain flour, 2 tablsp milk powder, 3 teasp surbake yeast, 11/2 tablsp gluten flour. Put ingredients as listed into bread pan and use wholemeal cycle on breadmaker.

I use this recipe all the time and the end result is a very pleasing light loaf, aslo I sometimes add 2 tablsp linseeds.
If you want to make a bigger loaf recipe ie: 1 kg or 1. 25kg I can post the quantities.

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