What to do with sausages for tea

tazzaboy2, Aug 14, 4:55am
i have no potatos, tiny bit of rice. , no sauce. only bbq, dont really want sausage in bread as it a tea not lunch. . tight this week. and im pregnant and starving. Any ideas? feeding 3. Thankyou

antmannz, Aug 14, 4:57am
Toad in the hole?

kabbo, Aug 14, 4:58am
check out the recipe in the PRICE OF MEAT thread, for Golden Sausages. the thread is currently at the top. it sounds really yummy and uses some basic ingredients that i'm sure you will have.

uli, Aug 14, 5:15am
Chop up sausages and use as a base for a pasta sauce? Add tin of tomatoes, some herbs, salt and pepper and any veges you have.

Chop up and fry and break some eggs over - serve with salad or veges.

Halve and fry and add some cheese over the top, let melt, add some tomatoes (or a tin) and serve with salad.

What veges or salad greens have you got?

kirinesha, Aug 14, 5:18am
Fritatta could be good? (similar to Uli's suggestion of bereaking eggs over the top)

Sautee the sausages in a large frying pan with some veges (chopped onion, brocolli, beans, peas - whatever you have) then pour over some beaten eggs and cook over medium heat until almost set - then top with grated cheese and pop under grill until it goes puffy and golden on top.

Very quick, and you can use whatever you have in the fridge.

tazzaboy2, Aug 14, 5:33am
no pasta sauce. . only bbq sauce(topping)have no cheese, . . only vegies we have are peas, pumpkin and little bit of broccoli. .couple of eggs, but want them for baking. thanks

kirinesha, Aug 14, 5:37am
Grilled sausages on pumpkin mash with peas on the side?

tazzaboy2, Aug 14, 5:39am
thats an idea. . i could eat a horse im starving! !
might try the golden sausages. . but swap w. sauce for bbq sauce. .
might chop up sausages, boil last of the rice and pour the sauce base over top? ? sound ok? ?

uli, Aug 14, 5:40am
tazzaboy2 - hope you get some dinner together tonight - when can you go shopping again?

jaybee2003, Aug 14, 5:40am
How about Roast pumpkin, sausage and pea bake, served with a little rice.

darlingmole, Aug 14, 5:40am
How about stuffing your sausages with some spiced mashed pumpkins with brocolli to the side. Your cupboard sounds similar to mine at the moment but then it does get you being creative (a good thing)

tazzaboy2, Aug 14, 5:42am
you wont believe it... thursday i get paid. . gosh got ages to go for teas this week. . had as im on ppl every fortnight.

tazzaboy2, Aug 14, 5:43am
cheers guys for all your ideas. . getting late to do pumpkin. . miss 5 getting hungry and demanding... dont blame her. . me too

kirinesha, Aug 14, 5:48am
Pumpkin microwaves very well if you need to speed things up!

kirinesha, Aug 14, 5:50am
Golden sausages is a great old recipe! My mum used to make it when we were kids :)

rolznsp, Aug 14, 5:54am
Devilled sausies, curried sausies, bangers mash and gravy, sausage eggs and chips, stuffed sausies, tomato and basil sausage casarole.

winnie231, Aug 14, 8:06am
Golden Sausages:

* 500gms sausages
* 1 onion chopped
* 1 carrot grated
* 2 tbsp flour
* 2 tbsp vinegar
* 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
* 1 tbsp sugar
* Add 2 cups boiling water
* Salt and pepper


Place sausages into a baking dish along with chopped onions and carrot.

Mix flour, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and sugar to a smooth paste.

Then add 2 cups of boiling water along with salt and pepper.

Pour over sausages and vegetables and bake at 160C for 11/2 - 2hrs.

This is really delicious and great with mashed herbed potatoes.

uli, Aug 14, 8:07am
Let us know what you cooked - so others have an idea - if on a budget ...

tazzaboy2, Aug 14, 9:39am
thanks to all. . well i didnt have tomatos. . they were baked beans der me. .
ended up boiling the rice. . while that was on i sliced up all the sausages and cooked them in the pan with pea's. . found a gravy. . made that up and put in the sausages. . then thought i dont want bland rice so just drained the rice and put in the pan as one dish. . was nice actually. .could've done with more gravy.