Bessemer cookware anyone used it?

griffo4, Aug 13, 3:27am
Hi l have seen an ad for this cookware coming to a home show and l was wondering if anyone has used it and what is it like, TIA
lt is advertised as "An oven on your stovetop"

cookessentials, Aug 13, 3:37am
Have not had any experience with it griffo - it is sold via partyplan which concerns me a little. Certainly did not see it at the Trade Fair.

griffo4, Aug 13, 7:08am
Thanks cooks l was a bit worried about that as l haven't seen it anywhere else so thought l would ask here

marcs, Aug 13, 7:11am
It is sold here in Auz. My mum had one and she loved it however the non stick stuff was coming out but it was out of warranty and she could not change it. Might think about buying her one for Christmas again.

cookessentials, Aug 13, 9:16am
marcs... I hope your Mum is not still using the pan? as she will be ingesting the coating. Most people think that you can cook on a high heat with non-stick fry pans... they should only ever be used on a medium to low heat ( apart from Infinite Circulon and Gastrolux)

marcs, Aug 13, 12:48pm
No she no longer uses it. She has thrown it out.

cookessentials, Aug 13, 9:27pm
That's good.

lythande1, Aug 14, 2:05am
There are 2 types of non-stick. The nasty coating stuff that comes off and anything over lukewarm and the titanium type. The titanium type lasts a lot longer but is NOT totally scratch proof. After 15 years or so it will get damage eventually. Even so, it is the better of the two.
Or just get cast iron, keep it dry, use oil and it will last forever.

cookessentials, Jan 23, 6:08am
there is also hard anodised such as the Infinite Circulon which is great to use. You can get pre-seasoned cast iron by "Lodge" of America. I oil my Le Creuset oval casserole and then wipe out with a paper towel. I store it with a paper towel inside the casserole and the lid on.