kinna54, Jul 5, 10:15pm
We were gifted some Nordic Ware some years ago. This product is primarily designed for microwave use. This is the best microwave stuff we have ever used and would love to source some more.
Our mostly used item is a Bacon/Meat Rack made of some plastic/acrylic with draining slots and drainage moat arond the rim. It is heat resistant to 410 degrees F or 210 degress C which is amazing for this type of product. It is also nonstick though much of this has worn away. It it made in USA. Does anyone know of this product and possibly where we could get some

elliehen, Jul 5, 10:20pm
Maybe ask brianmac? I have a piece I bought in the USA and it's still going strong after 25 years.

cookessentials, Jul 5, 10:50pm
The Nordicware bakeware ( fancy bundt tins) and a few other items were being bought in by a company here in NZ called essential@home They are now no longer bringing it in, however you could ask them if and what they have left. I am off to Melbourne early next month and will be viewing the range of Nordicware products at the trade fair, so I shall have a wee look for you ( I shall note it in my diary) as the distributor there now sells through a different agent here in New Zealand. If it is avaiable through them, then it should not be too difficult to source.

cookessentials, Jul 5, 10:55pm
You could try their site in the USA.

pogram0, Jul 6, 8:39am
Smith and Caughey sometimes have Nordic ware. I purchased from there about 18 months ago a device in which you can cook boiled eggs in the microwave and I also have a Nordic ware microwave rice cooker.

deus701, Jul 6, 10:58am

has 2-3 types of bundt tins (on clearance).

cookessentials, Oct 4, 9:48pm
The microwave egg cooker ( shaped like an egg is great) we sell alot of those.