Cookware Essentials spam e-mail

evorotorua, Dec 4, 4:27am
I am just wondering if anyone else has received email spam using Cookware Essentials name in the sender line! I KNOW it's not really from there but it is a bit frustrating. I think the details come through Facebook. Please don't open the links they include in the email. One even used my first name in the subject line. They are pretty convincing when they do that. Just a heads up really. Delete them.
In the mean time I wish everyone in your busy place to have a wonderful Christmas and fingers crossed I will be passing through sometime to say hi. Take care.

evorotorua, Dec 4, 4:35am
This, I am sure has nothing to do with our friend Cooks, just someone being annoying and spreading spam via information they have hacked somewhere. I wish they would use their amazing knowledge somewhere useful! Our Cookessentials is a wonderful source of information and inspiration and I don't come on TMMB often enough to see her latest. I just wondered if anyone else was a victim of this spam. I have not opened the attachment so I have no idea what it does but commonsense tells me JUST DELETE!

245sam, Dec 4, 6:12am
evorotorua, I haven't had any spam e-mails of exactly the same type as you but I have had some that have obviously used details from Facebook.:-))

griffo4, Dec 4, 6:15am
l haven't had any either but there is an annoying amount coming through from somewhere and l just delete the lot

cookessentials, Dec 4, 7:31am
It is definately not me.thanks for the heads up though
I get them regularly through our website. They always start out that they are looking for something in particular. I just hit the junk email file.