Cast iron cookware

xrayer, Jan 28, 8:02am
Not really recipe related but I've some new cast iron pans. How do I season them, clean them and store them? Any tips appreciate.

gpg58, Jan 28, 8:31am

harrislucinda, Jan 28, 8:53am
yes after washing spread with oil even after cooking some food that dont leave a mess just wipe with paper towel

smallwoods, Oct 31, 2:00am
Black cast or painted?
First, only use them for oily cooking (no poaching eggs, etc)
I hardly ever re-oil them using them this way.
After cooking (while hot), flood with hot water (never cold), leave to cool.
Then wash under the hot tap (as hot as possible), using scrubber or steel wool, no soap.
Place on bench/rack upside down to cool or pat dry with paper towels straight away.
I find storing them with a fresh covering of oil tends to attract bugs and insects, hence was taught this way years ago when farming.