anyone cook with CIRCULON INFINITE cookware

tm-addict, Apr 26, 5:02am
Just wandering what your thoughts were on it as were thinking of purchasing the 5 piece set. Thanks

cookessentials, Apr 26, 5:06am
Yes I do use it and we also have a loan pan through the store that we loan out to customers to try first. it would be one of our top selling brands of cookware along with Gastrolux and Henckels. I have used the skillet numerous times and it is great to use.

bananna15, Apr 26, 5:08am
i cook with it and i LOVE it! ! i have 2 fry pans and the 16cm pot. i was a little bit cautious buying a non stock pot because i didnt think i would use it that often but my poor stainless steel ones never see daylight any more!

just make sure you get non stick utensils including a non stick basting spoon and non stick potato masher so you dont scratch it.

its really nice to cook on as well

knowsley, Apr 26, 6:22am
I bought the 5 piece set from Stevens when it was on special - about $500, I think. It's my second set of Circulon, still have my first and it's still going well after 13 or so years. It's not a bad set for cooking - a bigger pot would have been good, but I have one anyway. I'd not buy anything non-stick anymore, if it wasn't Circulon.

cookessentials, Apr 26, 7:50am
The saucepans are just fabulous too. You can use either nylon or silicone tools with this cookware.

cookessentials, Mar 12, 3:41pm
If you watch Masterchef, you will notice that they use the Infinite Circulon range on there.