Just as good as Le Creuset cookware

tommydog, Oct 22, 9:09am
In anyones opinion is there any cookware out there that is just as good as Le Creuset but without the large price tag.

daisyhill, Oct 22, 9:40am
Many brands of cookware will probably be as good as Le Creuset. Having said that, I went straight to Le C as soon as I could afford it and haven't looked back. We have a good collection of their tri-ply stainless steel pans and absolutely love them, and some of the cast iron as well. The cast iron is lovely and wonderful for long slow cooking but very heavy, so I find the stainless steel more useful in general because I am able to lift it when it's full of food.

I think generally anything cast iron and enamelled, or tri-ply or with a copper bottom, will give you a good cooking experience. Certainly better than the lightweight crap you get in places like the Warehouse.

buzzy110, Oct 22, 10:32am
Agree with daisyhill. There are two others I could recommend - Dine Rite and Nutrimax, but both have very hefty price tags on them. I'm not keen on Nutrimax handles. They are too bulky to hold. I think both brands cook better than LC. The amount of water used is infinitesimal, and thus bring out food flavours more intensely. They are both very fast heating, going from cold to hot in a jiffy and that isn't on high heat.A good pressure cooker would do as good a job as well on stews and soups, etc but, from memory, did overcook vegetables with gay abandon.

cookessentials, Oct 23, 7:35am
"lodge" pre seasoned cast iron. They also do an enameled cast iron range as well.