Lunch stuff that freeze well

arie404, Aug 8, 9:40am
i have7 lunches that need to be made everyday and im running out of ideas. i want to make stuff that i can freeze and then the kids can just pull it out for their lunch but i have no idea as to what freezes well.

sarahb5, Aug 8, 10:59am
How old are the kids and why are they not making their own lunches?

arie404, Aug 11, 3:50am
thanks fifie i will have a look. they are 30, 15, 12, 10, 8 and 3 plus me. they do make their own lunches but i wanted to give them more choices.

sarahb5, Aug 11, 9:27am
Have you thought about asking them what they want? Mine make their own and if there's something they want they just ask me to buy the ingredients, etc. and voila it appears in the cupboard.

arie404, Aug 12, 4:12am
all they want is crap food so its not really an option. we have made the move as a family to eat better but its a tough change as they have been so used to eating crap before they came to live with us. so i want them to have lots of healthy choices that are easy. lol they will eat it if i make it but i dont have time to pack 7 lunches! !

sarahb5, Aug 12, 7:02am
And that's exactly why mine make and pack their own lunches - if the unhealthy options aren't there they can't take them but if you are eating more healthily at home then my view is that some "semi" treat food in your lunch box is OK so mine make sandwiches, small bag of chips, fruit, baking and yoghurt. To be honest when they're are school they're too busy wanting to run off and have fun to eat anything more complicated than a sandwich which can be eaten while you're playing football, bull rush, etc. And anyone who is big enough to be working is definitely big enough to be making their own lunch. I often take leftovers but hubby takes sandwiches - just easier. Only hubby and I have access to a microwave at lunchtime so anything more complicated than sandwiches, a wrap or a roll just doesn't work.

arie404, Aug 12, 7:16am
which is why i asked for ideas to freeze- muffins etc so i can freeze heaps of different stuff and then they can just pull it out themselves. they do have a bit of treat food that they pick for their lunches each week. they dont want to take yoghurt and sometimes just want to take a sandwich. just thought if they had more options they might try different things rather than the usual vegemite sandwich. im not much of a baker so dont know what freezes well.

winnie231, Aug 12, 7:22am
Savoury scrolls, savoury muffins, mini frittatas (make in muffin tins) ... (good for using up leftovers too! ! ), crustless quiche (pastry goes soggy), ...
All these things can be made in batches, then wrapped, labeled & frozen individually.
As for sweat treats - muesli slice, anzac slice, gingerbread, most biscuits ... with many biscuit recipes I reduce the sugar by 1/3 to 1/2 & use a mix of standard & wholemeal flour ... never had any complaints yet! ! !

lost-in-oz, Aug 12, 7:26am
You can quite successfully make and freeze ham or any other meat sandwich. You can buy yoghurts and freeze them. Make some pizza pinwheels (just scone dough and filled with ham, pineapple, tomato puree or pizza sauce and cheese, roll up, slice, bake and freeze)You can also do cheesymite ones the same way (vegemite and cheese)Or anything other fillings you want to add.
Any type of muffin or scone freezes well and is defrosted by lunchtime and also keeps other products in their lunchboxes cool. You can even freeze biscuits in individual bags so they just reach in and take out a bag to suit.

arie404, Aug 12, 7:29am
thanks thats really helpful, i will write a list this weekend and be real busy next week with them. they can help me make stuff for the freezer. they would live on bread if i let them.

sarahb5, Aug 12, 8:51am
Any type of baking without icing can be frozen - muffins, cup cakes, chocolate cake, banana cake, carrot cake.

sarahb5, Jan 19, 5:54am
And sorry but I completely misunderstood your first question - I didn't realise you meant baking, etc. - I thought you meant like main meal dishes that could be frozen for lunches

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