EDMONDS Pavlova in an egg container...

korbo, Aug 6, 8:03pm
bought this pavlova *thing* at supermarket yesterday, it is in a plastic egg thingee, and you just add water and sugar.

Has anyone tried it... . i have a sneaky feeling these were around in the 70's...

trader125, Aug 6, 8:11pm
no , but know a few people that do & have said they are good

grannypam, Aug 6, 8:15pm
I made one. . looked great but kind of collapsed when I put my hand on the top of it to check if it was cool enough to cream. . lol

A friend here yesterday said hers collapsed when she put fruit on the top. .

Quite good for those unable to make a regular Pav I would think. Tasted ok. .

chrisynz, Aug 6, 10:14pm
we made onelast night for my grand daughters 1st birthday, haventchecked it out yet too cream it, put if itall falls apart , it will go okay with ice cream.

korbo, Aug 7, 12:18am
I have made it, but didnt quite read all the instructions.
had oven heated to 170, and it said to put pav in and turn oven down to 120. opps... . 1/2 hr later it looks like it has browneda bit.
will report back tomorrow, it looks good, and there is a lovely aroma throughout the house.
quick and easy, and definately handy to have in the cupboard, if you have run out of eggs. I wondered tho if it needed a dash of vanilla, will find out later... . .
Who dreams up these things... .
Also made this morning, probably for the first time in 20odd years, a packet cake. most impressed... .

lost-in-oz, Aug 7, 3:13am
I made one of the ones available here in Aus. I found it very sweet so next time I would def use less caster sugar.

duckmoon, Aug 7, 5:06am
Our boarder made one put for our dinner on thursday...

It was yummy; I thought the advantage was that you could have it sitting in the cupboard; but to be honest, I couldn't see the point...

korbo, Jan 3, 2:45pm
pav was very yummy, tho if i had read the instructions and not cooked at 170 instead of 120 it would have been a little softer. Mr K likes them chewy, and i guess thats the proof.
i wouldnt make them all the time, but just handy to have in the pantry when you are short of eggs. would put a dash of vanilla in tho.