what is the correct name of a pastry marker tool

weezil, Feb 20, 10:15am
... . looks like a pizza cutter but has little bits taken out of the blade bit? ... I dont know what its called... anyone able to make sense of that? ... lol

rotorbladz, Feb 20, 10:18am
Do you mean for making crinkles around pasta etc

rotorbladz, Feb 20, 10:22am
I think you mean a ravioli wheel. Google it and have a look.

245sam, Feb 20, 10:24am
weezil, I think what you're referring to is simply called 'pastry cutter' or 'pastry wheel'. :-))

Edited to add this link to a picture of a "pastry cutter":-

http://www.millyskitchen.co.nz/index. cfm? C99C4B6E-EE20-EBDD-

weezil, Feb 20, 9:43pm
yup thats the thing... . . didnt realise they were that price. . I think I will just keep my eye out for one and hopefully it wont cost as much as that one from Milly, s...

245sam, Aug 25, 2:50am
weezil, I thought that you may not be impressed with the price of the one on that link but I'm sure that they can be found at a much more reasonable price - as you say "keep my eye out for one" in any kitchenware shop and in the kitchenware 'knick-knack' area of supermarkets, department stores and hardware shops.

Good luck I hope you find one soon. :-))

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