Cooking Corn Cobs in the Microwave

kennymac, Feb 20, 5:20am
Can anyone please let me know how this is done and for how long. Do I have to take the silk out first or is it easier after cooking. Thanks

jaxma, Feb 20, 5:28am
Just toss it in the microwave as is (still in its leaves etc) and I cook one for about a minute, then turn over and cook for another minute. I sometimes do three at a time, then I will cook for three minutes, then turn them all and cook for another two minutes. Then I wrap my hand in a clean teatowel, hold it at the bottom and peel the leaves off and then with one quick movement, hold the top and snap the bottom off! Yummy, juicy and still crisp :-) mmmmmmm

wahinetoa62, Feb 20, 5:35am
a thought if you keep cooking it will it turn into popcorn on the cob? ha ha

glendeb, Feb 20, 6:54am
I do it slightly different, and that is to strip the leaves dot with butter, grind over salt and pepper, wrap in gladwrap/baking paper and microwave for 1 minute.

Very yummy!

kennymac, Feb 20, 6:57am
Thank you jaxma, I have just had corn for tea and it was lovely. I had to give it a couple more minutes for the three cobs, but it was so easy

hawthorn11, Feb 21, 1:29am
HiI have cooked my corn cobs in the miceowave you many years now. The way to see if it is cooked is if you can pull out the silk cords easily then the corn is ready. I also unwrtap the leaves and use a tea toewl to hold on to it, (remember the corn cob will be very hot) and then just twist the end to remove the leaves.

hawthorn11, Feb 21, 1:31am
I should have checked my spelling. Definely not mice- owave olso meant towel and unwrap. The hot weather here must be muddling my fingers.

mehrtsmagic, Feb 21, 4:49am
i normally put one in for 4 mins. Never brought it in a bag since discovering this - absolutely delicious!

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