Chicken and bacon recipes

flopsie, Aug 2, 7:01am
Bought some boneless chicken thighs and long bacon yesterday. Now i would like some suggestions on how to prepare. Preferably ideas that involve wrapping the chicken with bacon. I got the idea from a restaurant meal.

steamylee, Aug 2, 10:22am
go into the thread i started the other day called - freita in here - its about exactly that :) super yum recipe

flopsie, Aug 2, 11:31am
steamylee wrote:
go into the thread i started the other day called - freita in here - its about exactly that :) super yum recipe[/quote Just done a search for freita and nothing came up

flopsie, Aug 2, 8:32pm
Thanks but couldn't find freita in message board search

lizab, Aug 2, 8:53pm
bumped the thread up for you - look for ... ferita - in here please

flopsie, Aug 2, 9:25pm
Thanks heaps... . wonder if boneless thighs OK?

ferita, Aug 2, 9:41pm
Yep they will be ok

steamylee, Aug 2, 9:46pm
oops sorry i spelt it wrong... hope you found it ok :)

flopsie, Aug 3, 12:57am
Yep I did thanks. I'm going to knock off early today and have a crack at it. Only a basic cook... it might take longer than some.

greerg, Aug 3, 6:18am
Am having chicken breasts stuffed with plenty of basil pesto and wrapped in streaky bacon tonight (190 deg for 20-25 minutes) served with a gravy based on stock made with chicken and bacon bones. Could make other sauces. Very easy and flavours go together well. Thighs would be fine.

flopsie, Aug 3, 7:11am
Thanks, have just prepared steamylee's recipe and am waiting for my wife to come home from work before I cook them. Ended up using breasts, thighs just looked too small to hold the mushroom spinach mixture. Smells define, gave the truffle oil a miss as it was $34 for a very small bottle. They are not very tidy looking LOL Got them all held together with toothpics.

steamylee, Aug 3, 10:00am
how did it go?

flopsie, Dec 22, 5:12pm
Bloody awesome. They were very big... wife and I had one between us. Bacon went crispy which is OK i guess. Probably would have crucified me in masterchef but who cares lol