Is Savoury Yeast and Brewers Yeast Gluten Free??

ljs111, Aug 1, 7:29pm

lythande1, Aug 2, 2:42am
Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat and spelt.

frances1266, Aug 2, 2:56am
I dont think they contain gluten but if you ask at Bin Inn or health food shop they should know.

herika, Dec 19, 3:09pm
Hi, brewers yeast is not gluten free as its grown on hops, grain and malt. If the yeast is grown on sugar beet it is said to be okay.
I have been told the gluten free yeast bought in the supermarket has the yellow/orange lid, the one with the red lid is not gluten free.
Im not sure about the other yeast you asked about.