Gluten free people, help please

vmouse, Jul 31, 10:30pm
I am hosting a lunch for a group of 5 next weekend - one is gluten free and one is vegetarian. I've decided to make a vege curry but have no experience cooking for GF people so not sure if there are any of the ingredients that I am assuming are fine but actually aren't? It's made from lentils, chickpeas, tinned tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, green beans and curry paste plus I might put some dried cumin, coriander and turmeric in. Serving with white rice and a cucumber yoghurt. Anything to watch out for in there? Thanks in advance!

nfh1, Jul 31, 10:53pm
I often cook for a ceoliac and usually read all the lables to make sure nothing 'odd' is added. I would check the curry paste and the yoghurt for thickeners which may have wheat in.

The Ceoliac Society website is really informative.

vmouse, Jul 31, 11:35pm
Thanks nfh1, I will check out the website.

vmouse, Jul 31, 11:43pm
PS, for those interested: on the Ceoliac website I found a link to this database which list a whole lot of 'safe' brands and products - really helpful!

nfh1, Aug 1, 2:16am
I was amazed when I first started looking at just how much stuff is bulked out with wheat.

herika, Aug 1, 8:13pm
Hi vmouse.
The curry sounds lovely, we love curries and have at least 3 a week.
Check all the ingredients on anything you buy to make sure there is no "hidden gluten" such as MSG, HVP, Natural Flavours etc. The things to be careful about are the curry paste and the spices. If the spices have the words: "made on a production line that also handles gluten" dont use those ones. Some gluten intolerant people are also intolerant to other foods, such as tomatoes, lentils (some people find them a hard to digest carbo)dairy etc so you may need to check with the GF person to make sure you dont use anything they cant have.
Take care using that website, there can be mistakes made and manufacturers often change ingredients in products and the list may not be updated.
Use a GF maize cornflour or arrowroot powder for any thickening you may need to do.
All the best and I hope your evening goes really well :)

debra27, Aug 2, 2:29am
Also check the curry paste. Some of them have fish sauce so no good for the vegetarian.

boxsters3, Aug 4, 6:59am
I saw this on the Stuff (newspaper) website today, It had five 'food websites listed under "Five great baking websites" including the following which I had a quick look at and saved for my future reference in case I needed it.

"Gluten-Free Baking 101

A gem of a website for both those with a gluten intolerance and those without. is one of the best "for the love of baking" blogs I've come across. Rather than being a commercial site full of advertising and pretty photography, Baking 101 simplifies gluten-free baking (it's often harder than regular recipes) with clear, conversational instructions and step-by-step photos of each stage of preparation.

If you're new to a gluten-free diet, you'll find these images invaluable, since the colours and textures of gluten-free ingredients can vastly differ from what you're used to. "

bedazzledjewels, Dec 24, 6:20pm
Apparently Paul Henry is going gluten free? Anyone see this recently?