Advice on fish cakes please ...

darlingmole, Jul 31, 6:41am
Have boiled and mashed my pototoes, added the fried onions, tin of tuna, pepper/salt, 1 egg, a good squeeze of lemon juice and1/3 C flour and mixed it all up. It's in the fridge now.

My question is this:once I roll it into balls/patties do I ...

dip it in more egg, then flour and breadcrumbs and freeze?

or how exactly do I do it? I haven't made fish-cakes in ages!

Thanks in advance for your help :-)

wak, Jul 31, 7:04am
isn't it flour, egg then bread crumbs?

dmc33, Jul 31, 7:19am
Oh yum fish cakes! ! My MIL used to make really yummy ones

darlingmole, Jul 31, 7:25am
thanks heaps~! will continue my fish-cake mission tomorrow.

I think it's nice served with various sauces ... sweet thai chili, vinegar and soy (also great for those dimsums), satay, aioli ... well you get the gist. Thanks again!

noonesgirl, Jul 31, 7:36am
you can add some fresh parsley for colour (opt).

beblowin, Jul 31, 11:14am
got some from pack n save a while ago, looked at ingredients and no fish or seafood used , but labled as seafood

darlingmole, Dec 14, 4:53pm
*nods head* yep beblowin, I was at PaknSave Albany yesterday and they were selling them ... not that great but wasn't about to pay $4. 50 for ten rissolves when I knew mine would be tastier and the real mccoy!