Are there any Microwave experts out there?

obviousas, Jul 27, 11:58pm
There are 5 power levels ( H, Med H, Med, Med Low, Low) in our Sharp 1200w microwave. If I use M, does it equate to 50% of 1200w?

I notice that our microwave has the full 1200w generated but to half of the rotation.

Does everyone's microwave work like that? Any microwave experts out there able to enlighten me?

dezzie, Jul 28, 12:06am
I think what you are asking is how the 50% actually works, and yes, it goes at full power for 50% of the time, on and off. . when its on 50%, if that makes sense, you usually hear the change as it switches.

obviousas, Jul 28, 12:26am
Yes, I was hoping that it is generating the half the power at MEDIUM power level.

I noticed that the pot inside the microwave at MEDIUM wasbubbling at only half of each complete rotation.

Do all brands of microwave ovens operate like this?

fifie, Jul 28, 1:19am
Most M/W, s have a choice of temperatures to cook at. My sharp M/W is 1200 w also and i use M power when making scrambled eggs or custard etc and some reheating. Don't use it much for cooking these days... .

andrew499, Jul 28, 2:25am
Most brands of microwave oven use the on-off method as discussed in this thread. panasonic is the acception here. They use an inverter instead of a transformer. The magnetron is always running whatever the power level selected, but it runs at a true percentage. so, if you select medium, the magnetron is always on but only running at 50 percent of its capacity.

fisher, Jul 28, 8:01am
Spot on Andrew and the reason I bought a Panasonic with Inverter... :}

andrew499, Jul 28, 8:24am
hi Fisher.
yes, i bought one for the same reason. i also bought mine because every buttonon my particular model is tactile which makes life a great deal easier for someone like me with no sight.

obviousas, Jul 28, 9:37am
Pays to get a Panasonic. No wonder our Sharp 32Litres, 1200w was under $100. What are the dimensions and output power for the Panasonic? How much did it cost?

andrew499, Jul 28, 10:11am
unfortuantely, the model i got is no longer available, although some shops may have old stock. it was about $999. 00. however, it's a combination microwave, convection oven and grill. It's 32 litre and 1000 watts.

fisher, Jul 28, 10:59am
Mines ... Inverter 1200w...
Surprisingly dont use microwaves much for actual cooking as much as I did in the past. . heating up sauces before serving... reheat leftover dinners. . that sort of thing... occasional partial defrost

levintofu, Dec 7, 3:45pm
wow yay thanks for all the info in this thread i got a Panasonic inverter from flybuys and i just learned how to use it properly here :)