Can i defrost a whole frozen chicken

jc_cw, Jul 26, 1:00am
in th microwave?

bisloy, Jul 26, 1:31am
Suppose, but why, what do you want to do with it?

fester7, Jul 26, 1:35am
mine has a auto defrost mode where you just put in weight - works well, use it when I don't have 24 hours to leave it in fridge.

bisloy, Jul 26, 1:39am
I usually cook my meats from frozen. As long as they are cooked well all the way through (including the bones) there is no problem. Usually nice and tender.

nfh1, Jul 26, 2:20am
You are brave, I would never cook chicken from frozen.

lala2, Jul 26, 2:49am
I do, cook from frozen that is, infact i have one in the oven right now cooking. As i'm still here it has obviously never killed me. i just cook long and slow.

a_n_h, Jul 26, 3:55am
i cook my chooks from frozen too. neither myself nor hubby or kids have gotten sick. i cook mine really really really well though.

bisloy, Jul 26, 4:18am
That is the trick if cooking from frozen - cook really well. they always seem to stay really moist.

socram, Jul 26, 6:34am
As long as the internals get up to full heat (ie cooked through) no problem at all, so as above, cooking slowly from frozen is fine.

nfh1, Jul 26, 6:35am
LOL - I am such a wimp! ! !

dezzie, Jul 26, 7:30am
lol chicken is the only roast we don't cook from frozen, but mostly because we hate prepacked stuffing in chickens and prefer our own and can't stuff a frozen chook.

bisloy, Dec 1, 3:43pm
Can make scrummy stuffing balls though, to cook with the veges! I always make these instead of stuffing the chicken as i think they are MUCH MUCH nicer. Fresh breadcrumbs, bacon, onion, a small garlic clove, mixed herbs, pepper and salt and egg to bind. Form into balls and roast with the chook.