Vampire themed birthday cake ideas?

lizab, Jul 25, 8:55pm
It's my daughters birthday this weekend and I'd like to make her a cool cake. She loves all things to do with vampires, like most teenage girls atm! ! Vampire Diaries, True Blood & Twilight are her thing! ! Any ideas for a cake. I'm not a bad cake decorator, but I have no inspiration or imagination! ! ! ! !

datoofairy, Jul 25, 9:10pm

cookessentials, Jul 25, 9:54pm
You could make a red velvet cake.

pickles7, Jul 25, 10:25pm
Cover the cake with slime, blood red slime, jelly snakes and spider webbing on one corner... ... . .

lizab, Jul 26, 4:46am
thanks heaps datoofairy - why didn't I think to google images! ! ! ! Thanks also cooks - I was thinking of a red velvet cake, but my daughter wants a chocolate sludge cake (I'll add some red food colouring to the mix! ) Thanks too pickles - not sure about the slime ... . ;)

cookessentials, Jul 26, 4:52am
If you also Google "twilight" decorated cakes, there are some great ideas.

cookessentials, Jul 26, 4:55am

alewis, Jul 26, 6:54am
how about a bat or coffin shaped

lizab, Jul 31, 6:43am
This is what I ended up making for her if anyone's interested :) php? pid=4832732&l=64ccdad5
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ferita, Jul 31, 6:57am
That is very good, you did a brilliant job ! !

lizab, Jul 31, 7:49am
thanks ferita and thanks to the above posters for their great advice - good old google images saved the day! ! !

jmonster, Jul 31, 10:58pm
thats really awesome- I bet she loved it.

alewis, Aug 5, 5:58am
I am also very impressed, have been on hols so didnt see it till today, are you a proffessional cake maker? was the chess pieces handmade? really fab.

lizab, Dec 28, 9:09pm
thanks guys - no I'm nowhere near a professional ali - I'm just not bad at copying! ! ! I made everything on the cake - the only thing that wasn't edible was the cocktail sticks I needed to keep the chess pieces from flopping over while the icing hardened up. My mum in Scotland does cakes though and told me that I could have used spaghetti, so I'll remember that for next time. She also said I should have covered the silver board with icing to make it look more 'finished' ! ! My daughter loved it :)