Oat Bran Porridge or Rolled Oats difference

rai5, Jul 23, 8:55am
When I was young (OMG) it was so long ago - we always had cremota porridge for breakfast in winter. Got married and the other half didn't like it but wanted rolled oats. Now we're older and can choose what we each want to have for breakfast I have read that oat bran is a good diet food.

So all you experts out there - please tell me what's the difference between oat bran porridge, rolled oats etc or is it all the same?

uli, Jul 23, 8:58am
Oat bran is the outer part of the grain and has very little carbs, as opposed to rolled oats or oatmeal (cremoata) which is the whole grain with all the starch in the middle.

"Diet food" is not very specific - as there are so many different diets. If you are on a low fat diet then any oats would be good as they are low in fat. if you are on any form of low carb diet then only the oat bran would be good.

buzzy110, Jul 23, 9:54am
Forgive my ignorance but isn't cremota just a brand name under which rolled oats are packaged like Harroway's, Healtheries, Pams', etc.

harrislucinda, Jul 23, 10:20am
itis a brandnamebutdohave afinergrade

rai5, Jul 23, 8:26pm
Thank you Uli. That explanation was very clear. I am loosing weight using a low carb diet.

robbie42, Jul 23, 11:35pm
I am on a low carb diet and have oatbran for breakfast.
I put 2tablespoons and milk in the microwave for 1 minute and add half a sachet of equal.
it is more like cremota than rolled oats. I love it

uli, Jul 24, 1:50am
Have you two found the NZ low carb cooking website yet?
There are quite a few recipes for breakfast"cereals" which you can mix up in advance.

rai5, Nov 23, 11:46am
Yes thanks.

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