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starry29, Jul 23, 5:45am
the oven in this farm house is TERRIBLE i tell ya... . it burns everything... . i used to make such lovely cakes etc but have failed in every attempt with this oven... if the recipe says a temp of 190... and cooking time of 50 mins... . i have to have it on 140 and 20 mins... and still it will burn... . never have i had bad cooking/baking disasters with any ovens other than this one... am i doing something wrong. . or is it the oven that sucks...

anyone else ever had such a problem with an oven?

dezzie, Jul 23, 5:48am
make sure both the top and bottom elements in the oven are working is the only thing I can think of:( I had one, that they both worked, until the thermostat clicked, then only the bottom did, when it clicked back on, if you get what I mean, or maybe one of them is not turning off at all, despite the thermostat telling it to.
Its not a fisher and paykel paprika is it?

fisher, Jul 23, 6:08am
starry29... each oven has its own idiosyncrasies... never had one that the temp is accurate. . the trick is to find what temp and for how long gives the desired results... and then working at it to get what your require for each recipe... write it down... maybe make it 120 at 30-35 mins. . for that item...
Only other thing is to get a new oven ... :{but as i said never seen one true to temp. . I finally have mine sussed out and no way do the temp showing give me the results I require... so I now know how to adjust...

pickles7, Jul 23, 6:36am
Buy a thermostat and hang it just inside the door.

greerg, Jul 23, 7:40am
Have you looked at the seal round the oven door? If it's shot the element comes on far more often than it should so everything gets burnt on the top.

griffo4, Jul 23, 7:50am
l burnt a pav of all things in my oven and it was the top element that had blown, typical, it was a weekend with people coming to stay and it burnt everything l tried to make in it
lf you can get someone to look at it including the door seal and elements would tell you if it is that

juliewn, Jul 23, 7:56am
Probably most of us have done this at some stage. . is the grill on so it's cooking with that? ?

andrew499, Jul 23, 8:52am
Sounds very much like the oven thermostat has kicked the bucket big time. my mother had an oven which displayed the same symptoms you're describing and it was dfinitely the thermostat at fault. Because the rest of the stove was pretty much shot, she ended up replacing it. however, it's not an automatic death sentence, it could be perfectly all right in every other respect.

elliehen, Jul 23, 8:58am
Every oven has a personality. My cookbooks have notations on my favourite recipes for the different requirements of the many different ovens I have used... but the other posters are right - do troubleshooting first.

jag5, Jul 23, 9:26am
Either an element gone or the thermosat. Needs repairing.

starry29, Jul 23, 8:15pm
cheers everyone... i will mention it to our farm boss

oh how i miss fan bake ovens lol

dezzie, Jul 23, 10:33pm
lol starry:( during our long sharemilking career, I got heartily sick of stoves in farm houses, to the extent that I actually bought my own, and one of the first things we did when we moved was get a sparkie to take out the one that was there, and put mine in, we kept the box for storing the old one, and for moving mine, we did that for about 9 years, but the days of farmhouses getting the bosses wifes shitty old stove thrown in when she wanted a new one may well be passed now.

luckyduck, Jul 23, 11:27pm
dezzie, that is exactly what my friend did when she went from job to job. Some of the ovens that lurk in old farm cottages should be condemned IMO. The last thing you want to worry about when very busy is burning food (or not cooking).

buzzy110, Jul 24, 3:59am
starry29. I reckon it has to do with watered down electricity or gas. Other ovens cook perfectly because the power source has been watered down or diluted. Someone forgot to do this at the place you are living so your poor oven is getting pure electricity. Better watch your power bills because all your hot water and lighting will also be running on undiluted electricity or gas. The pure product is always more expensive than the diluted product by the way.

You need to complain to your power supplier.

jag5, Jul 24, 6:08am
fisher... are you thinking what I am thinking? Go figure huh! ! ! !

elliehen, Jul 24, 6:15am
... . ? ? ? ? ?

dezzie, Jul 24, 6:19am
I have to ask, what exactly do they "water down" the electricity with?

punkinthefirst, Jul 24, 6:23am
Heard of "hydro-power"? ?

grannypam, Jul 24, 8:13am
seee you can teach a grandmother new tricks. . lol

pickles7, Jul 24, 8:19am
Dosn't that work the other way ? ... . buzzy... .
Oven not hot enough. .

starry29, Jul 25, 4:51am
lol Dezzie. . we did that at one farm job... bought a brand new oven to put in the house and boy oh boy did the boss hit the roof... he was so piffed off about it... sorry but his oven was crap lol

dezzie, Jul 25, 5:29am
lol, did you take it with you when you left?
He probably went off because your oven was better than the wifes at home, we travelled with an oven and a dishwasher with one of those mobility kits fitted, and our own set of kitchen taps so we knew it'd fit. If the house had a gap for a dishwasher the mobility kit was easy enough to remove.
We did 4 sharemilking shifts like that, and when we got our own place we still took the dishwasher, but the stove was about the same so we shouted it to the ex boss. lmao then I really missed the fact that our "moveable" stove had a seperate grill, so ended up getting a new one there as well.
Stoves are not a patch on what they used to be, the moving one was an old champion chef (I think) coffee coloured, its probably still going well.

dezzie, Jul 25, 5:32am
found one
they are great.

griffo4, Jul 25, 6:04am
The one that got put in by the bosses, at one sharemilking job to replace the solid ring elements and no oven window one was alot worse and the wiring was so bad that we always turned it off at the wall unless we were using it and if we forgot to turn it off we went back home and did it
lt cooked like a dream but the wiring at the back was a nightmare and had no cover at the back l think they got in touch with the sparky and got one they were throwing out
Great job though

dragonzflame, Nov 29, 10:02pm
Have you thought about getting one of those benchtop convection ovens? They're obviously not much chop for cooking the family roast, but they're big enough to bake a cake and small bits and pieces in.

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