Can I freeze a Hummingbird Cake?

yduj, Jul 22, 3:08am
Can I freeze a Hummingbird Cake. I'd bake it now, cool it and freeze i t. Nearer to when I needed it I would thaw it and ice with cream cheese icing. Will this be OK?

cookessentials, Jul 22, 3:47am
You sure can. Make sure you wrap it will. i would leave it uniced and thaw slowly on the bench - covered, overnight. Ice it once it has thawed.

yduj, Jul 22, 6:11am
Thanks for that - I was hoping it could be done. I made one a couple of weeks back but was a little disappointed and have since sourced some more recipes. Pam (cooksessentials) I expect you'd have one you recommend . . . . maybe?

katalin2, Jul 22, 8:29am
I made a hummingbird cake last year as one of 3 different tiers- the others were a dark chocolate mississippi mud cake, and lemon sour cream cake- the recipe for hummingbird cake was from here. I will see if I can locate it. I froze all 3 tiers and only took them out a few days before the wedding to take to the person icing them. They all froze/defrosted well.

cookessentials, Jul 22, 9:17am
Hi Judy, yes, I do have one - somewhere! Let me have a look. May have to come back to you tomorrow.

uli, Jul 22, 9:41am
Best one ever is here:

yduj, Jul 25, 1:08am
Thanks Uli - I've made a double mixture today - it is all done and cooling and looks great. Ready to freeze once cold and out for next Saturday. Cheers

katalin2, Jul 25, 2:22am
I am pretty sure the recipe the link goes to is the one I made for the wedding cake- I can't access my recipe folder at present( as it is on son's server so all the kids can access the family recipes in different parts of the world) and he has just moved countries! Waiting for him to set his server up again. Isn't it great living in the computer age... .

darlingmole, Nov 27, 7:08am
I cooked then froze a hummingbird cake a few months bake - in the freezer about 3 months? but much as it tasted good it was soggy as ... . . good for a pudding hidding under custard and icecream though. Perhaps there's a time limit as to how long you can freeze this cake? ?

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