Best sausage cooking method?

thingone, Jul 19, 7:59am
My kids think sausages are butterfly shaped, because I always end up cutting them in half and opening them out to finish off the cooking in the middle.
We don't have them that often and I am trying to use reasonably priced good quality sausages from local butcher. So, I'd like them to look nice when I finish cooking them.
I suspect I am a bit too impatient and have the pan too hot... .

What's the secret?

darlingmole, Jul 19, 8:28am
friends of mine give the sausages a quick par boil.

I normally brown them and then turn the heat down low and put a lid over the pan - that way they don't burn but are cooked right through

p_rock, Jul 19, 8:35am
Get pre-cooked, rotate and brown all over.

motorbo, Jul 19, 8:45am
im with darlingmole, dont prick them, turn fry pan on high to warm up, pop saus in turn down straight away, lid on and turn every so foten gently, and let them cook through - ewww dont get precook get real meat sausages please! ! !

nfh1, Jul 19, 8:47am
Good sausages, cook slowly, turn often and no pricking! ! !

socram, Jul 19, 8:54am
Agree with #4 & 5. You cant rush them and any meat as thick as a sausage will take time.

Sellers of pre cooked sausages should be prosecuted under the trades descriptions act... So should anyone selling a sausage without texture. Suspect they are all bread and sawdust.

winnie231, Jul 19, 9:16am
Exactly! ! !
And in a cast iron frypan.
We prefer Blackball Salami Company sausages.

nfh1, Jul 19, 9:20am
yes dreadful things!

poppysinger2, Jul 19, 10:05am
I just cook in the oven at 200c in a cast iron skillet for 20 -30 mins , delicious !

kate777, Jul 20, 11:40am
Why on earth do you bother putting them in a pan? The heat can be too direct for the poor old sausages in their tiny skins.

Throw them in the oven on 200 deg in an oven dish with the rest of the breakfast: tomatoes, field mushrooms, bacon, hashbrowns (straight on the rack) blood sausage etc.

Give them a good 15 - 20 mins while you cook your eggs and you're away.

lilyfield, Jul 20, 8:44pm
precook-let excess fat run out, fry slowly in a non stick pan

In the oven? your power bills must be high!

kcak, Jul 20, 9:05pm
You can't beat a Pokeno Butchery sausage! No fat at all - I spray the pan or grill plate with oil and then cook slowly, turning them often to brown all over. These sausages are all meat and you hardly even have to clean the pan/grill after cooking. If I am cooking something else in the oven at the time, I will just put them in a pan and keep shaking it so that they brown all over.

thingone, Jul 22, 9:35pm
OK - have had one successful attempt at SLOWLY cooking and turning the sausages, all of them were cooked right through and none of them ended up as butterflys!
Patience was they key after all... ...

socram, Jul 22, 9:57pm
There you go! Patience is a virtue - it means you get a decent cooked sausage!

cookessentials, Jul 22, 10:02pm
Many people have their pans too hot, therefore, browning the outer part of the sausage far too quickly and leaving the middle uncooked. I only ever buy pure meat sausages (Island Bay Butchery ones are lovely) A gentle heat is best, letting the inside of the sausage cook through. You can always turn up a little to brown them more if you prefer. We dont have sausages very often, however, I will do them in the oven at times, rather than the fry pan.

tullyann, Jul 23, 2:21am
WOW Island bay Butchery , and Avalon butcher are the best .
Then get pan Hot but not to hot then cook slowly! ! enjoy
First thing is get all your super market sausages an bin them
Go to a butcher the taste is soso much better.
pre cooked ones give to the dog or Seagullsor inlawslol.

fisher, Jul 23, 3:17am
Prob is that folks regard them simply as "sausages", and there's nothing wrong with having them as a family meal. . whack them in the frypan at full speed or chuck em on the barbie style...
good quality sausages should NEVER be pricked. .
We WANT to keep the fat in to slowly cook from the inside out. . and retain the flavour. . so cooking in Lard. . in med hot frypan and "slowly" cooked, turning as required till nicely browned. .
No splits and presentable tasty saussies. . served with mashed spuds, brown gravy and peas... Just bring a pot of water to the boil with lid on, a tsp of salt and a little sugar. . chuck in your frozen peas and turn off stove. . by the time your saussies are cooked , your peas will be perfect. .

lindi4, Nov 21, 9:59am
Remember other things too for a change with sausages after frying like devilled sausages and curried sausages, even the maggi packets will do!

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