Countdown mailer..chicken dish

korbo, Jul 16, 8:26pm
in this weeks mailer there was a recipe for a chicken dish.
made it and added a bit of bacon/red onion. It didnt say to cook the pasta, but i did. the recipe was very yummy and hubby who doesnt really like pasta hasd 2 helpings.

grouch, Jul 16, 9:05pm
Well do you think you can put the recipe up please?

245sam, Nov 2, 6:54pm
korbo, are you referring to the Creamy Chicken & Mushrom Pasta Bake recipe?

grouch, Countdown recipes can now be found at:-

and this is the specific link for the Creamy Chicken & Mushrom Pasta Bake:-
cipes? page=3&search=

Hope that helps. :-))