Fat Runner beans

raewyn64, Feb 14, 9:43pm
I have just pulled out the last of my runner beans and have quite a few very fatlarge beans. Before when I was picking them I would just slice them up and cook them and eat them.
Can I do the same with these - obviously the seed inside is now a lot larger than before - or do I do something else with them?

Thanks so much

hezwez, Feb 14, 9:49pm
Since they'll be stringy, I'd pod them, cook the beans inside and serve with a little butter, vinegar, pepper and salt, a little like broad beans. Or let the unpicked ones on the vine mature for next season's seed.

raewyn64, Feb 14, 9:57pm
Thanks for that. How do I cook up the inside bean? Do I boil them up (how long for? ) or do I just put the butter etc in a pan and throw the beans into that and just stir them around until they are hot? Sorry - I haven't cooked the inside bean before - something new every day huh :)

hezwez, Feb 14, 10:20pm
About 5 minutes, or steam about 7. Since the beans themselves are young and tender it shouldn't take long. Prod one with a skewer or fork to test first.

valentino, Feb 14, 10:32pm

Some years ago was given a special runner bean slicer-stringer all in one action kitchen utensil, it is about the length of a normal potato peeler but has an adjusting sliding sort of split head with little blades in it and is circular in shape about the diameter of 12mm opening to 25mm plus another blade at the very top for just cutting.

This is simply ideal if one can get hold of one and the beans are always comes out cooked lovely in a short time.


denart, Aug 17, 12:18pm
Valentino I have been looking for one of those slicers just this week. Don't know if they are still available I haven't had any luck here in Dunedin, maybe someone could help as to where to buy one.

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