Recipe for dinner bread rolls please anyone?

freds69, Jul 7, 3:10am
Would love to make some to go with dinner tonight but need a nice easy recipe please.
thanks heaps

freds69, Jul 7, 3:15am
bump... please anyone? ? ? ?

lilyfield, Jul 7, 5:06am
just use your plain white bread one

cookessentials, Jul 7, 5:19am
My one hour white rolls are on the cooking class 101 thread.

stormbaby, Oct 7, 4:12pm
I always make the ones out of my Breville breadmaker book, difference is that I "knot" them. Everyone loves them. I make them for the kids lunches, and when we go out to friends for a meal I take a basket of hot rolls.
Put in the breadmaker in this order:310ml water, 2Tbsp water, 1tsp salt, 2Tbs sugar, 600g high grade flour, 1 egg, 3 tsp breadmaker yeast.
Set on dough setting. When machine beeps, leave the dough in till its roughly twice the height it was when first kneeded. Take out, divide into approx 18 rolls, pull into a long piece big enough to "knot" in a simple knot. Place on a butter tray. Cover with greaseproof paper and leave till double in size again. I often leave the trays on the bench for 1/2 a day till this happens, then bake in a hot oven (200C) for approx 12 minutes. You can also place chopped bacon in the top of the knot with a sprinkle of grated cheese just before baking for something savoury.