Oven cleanig

fran142, Jul 2, 3:29am
Any helpful cleaning ideas for oven, also how to clean glass oven door ?

cookessentials, Jul 2, 3:30am
A dish of cloudy ammonia in a dish inside a warm oven. Leave overnight - supposed to work well.

tasmum, Jul 2, 3:43am
Taken from"the green goddess", for an oven thats a little bit dirty, sprinkle baking soda over the base of the oven and mix with water to make a paste. Smear this paste up the wall, on the roof and over the door. Let it sit overnight and then wipe off in the morning. If a powdery residue remains, dampen a cloth with white vinegar and wipe over.
For a really dirty oven, as above but use washing soda instead of baking soda. Use gloves though for this one.

I have used this for oven doors and it really works. May need some good old elbow grease if it is really baked on. Use malt vinegar and steelo(or similar)
Not a nice job to do but these recipies are non toxic and don't give you a headache like some of the commercial cleaners do.

lulu239, Jul 2, 3:59am
Taken from here some time ago. ½ cup ammonia, ½ cup laundry powder and 1 cup boiling water. Put in a roasting pan into a cold oven overnight. It has worked miracles on the racks with all the nooks and crannies. As for the glass door. I use a razor blade on an angle (get Gem blades if you can) after you have softened any gunk. Good luck.

fran142, Jul 5, 4:34am
Thankyou . Will try your suggestions

carbon_trader, Jul 5, 4:35am
Next time you Buy a new Oven, Buy a Pyrolytic Oven.

NO more oven cleaning with chemicals !

cookessentials, Jul 5, 5:02am
My oven is fairly new and once i have finished using it, i wipe it out while still hot, this helps to reduce most of the cooking mess.

easygoer, Jul 5, 9:21am
No substitute for elbow grease, I spray with oven cleaner and wipe out, the racks get cleaned bar by bar with a stainless pot mit, class is prayed, wiped and scraped with ceramic cooktop scraper

lythande1, Jul 6, 4:35am
Spray the racks too.
Just moved in to a place where the last person obviously thought you can't. Took forever to get the years of baked on crud of them.

sophia4, Oct 3, 9:04pm
I use the no odours Mr Muscle, much less stinky and works OK if you leave it for a little while. It needs a cold oven so takes a bit longer than the ones that need a warm oven

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