Chicken, cream cheese and spinach filos? help!

rolznsp, Jun 25, 12:01am
Never made these before and havnt worked with filo much either.

Any main things to know to do. Obviously i precook the chicken in pan and defrost spinach and steam... then mix in a bowl with the cold cream cheese? how would you do it?

And i butter every layer of pastry with melted butter? or egg? cooking heat on fan forced ?

TY lovely ladies in advance

cap, Jun 25, 1:25am
HI. I just brown the chicken as it cooks through in the oven so if you precook the chicken it could be a bit dry. You can brush each piece of filo but I spray it with oil as it is much quicker. Cook at around 180C.

-thecrusher-, Jun 25, 2:23am
Had these the other night! I cooked the chicken with onion and garlic and then once browned put in the cream cheese and spinach with it on medium heat. This makes sure that the cream cheese covers everything plus it is easy! Then I left it to cool before putting it in the pastry so to not make the pastry soggy. Then cook it to the temp on the pastry packet :)

rolznsp, Jun 25, 3:30am
awesome! thank you ladies! :)

letto, Jun 25, 3:55am
you can also fry onions or leeks in oil, butter mix. add some flour, stir well then add milk to make a white sauce, shred pan fried chicken into sauce along with handfuls or cheese, s&p. . also chicken and mushroom filo is really nice as well. . cook mushrooms add flour, milk cheese, chicken. make the sauce thick, or cook chicken, put into filo along with a good slcie or brie and some cranberry or apricot sauce. yummy. . enjoy

trading_gibsons, Jun 25, 4:05am
keep filo covered with teatowel while working with it to stop it drying out. You'll love the finished product, I haven't made this in years but might try again soon.

rolznsp, Sep 6, 10:08pm
turned out great thank you ladies! gonna make some more variations tonight as need to use up the rest of the pastry.