Winter recipes thread

stormbaby, Sep 1, 3:00am
Been reading this board lately and I know there is an unlimited amount of yummy, cheapo recipes out there for people struggling to find easy foods to feed the hoardes over Winter. Feel free to share!
Really interesting article in the paper today. Somthing we always had at home, my Dutch Mum would always serve up a clear soup (clear as in not a cream soup) either tomato, or vege before a main course. This would warm us up, and take the edge off eating too much stodge over Winter. Never really thought about it all my married life, till now. Makes sense as the article said that people who do this are less like to put on unwanted kgs over Winter. We never had a lot of deserts at home, and if we did it was a small portion. Probably because of the soup serving beforehand! ! And when there is soup in the fridge, there is always something easily heated for those hungry kids coming home from school and scouting out for something to eat.