Dont you love winter breakfasts

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abbey_magick, May 21, 8:41pm
mmmmmmm porridge topped with banana and maple flavoured syrup., May 21, 10:40pm
ewww porridge lol

Bacon, Scrambled eggs with cream and mushrooms cooked in the bacon lard here.

bedazzledjewels, May 21, 11:49pm
Mushrooms cooked in duck fat here! Plus of course free range bacon and huge fr eggs. Followed by coffee with cream.
I LOVE breakfast.

abbey_magick, May 22, 2:57am
Im going for the cleaner eating. Yummy.

uli, May 22, 3:21am
"Cleaner" eating? Now that is intriguing ...

Could you explain that further maybe?

daleaway, May 22, 3:22am
Have recently discovered lemon curd yoghurt, and a splosh of that on my raisin-studded porridge is magic.

cookessentials, May 22, 4:31am
I love porridge, but it must be made with milk and be nice and creamy as opposed to thick and stodgy.

winnie15, May 22, 4:41am
i like porridge if its soaked in water and a wee squeeze of lemon juice the night before . . then i serve it with lactose free milk and a wee drizzle of (real)maple syrup.
I if don't soak it my body ends up bloated and in pain... and i can't eat yoghurt for the same reason...

vintagekitty, May 22, 9:03am
Porridge, brown suger and cream, we love it here

wasgonna, May 22, 9:08am
I have to get up early to beat the birds to the bread the neighbour throws out just so that I can have some toast. It's a bastard being poor.

toadfish, May 22, 9:10am
My favourite weekend brekkie is bacon & eggs done on the BBQ served in fresh rolls from the bakery and tomato sauce... . nom nom nom.

My daily brekkie is poached egg on wholegrain toast plus another slice of toast with marmalade... never get sick of it either and keeps me going to lunchtime.

Not a big porridge or cereal fan. . love my wholegrain toast with eggs & marmalade though.

abbey_magick, May 22, 9:13am
Ok so the concept of clean eating is just that... ... less crap so to speak. haha

Im changing how i usually eat.

(ps, totally agree about the overnight and creamy not stodge)

elliehen, May 22, 9:36am
Try pure maple syrup and grated almonds for a delicious change... .

elliehen, May 22, 9:42am
1 & 1/2 cups oatmeal or quick-cooking rolled oats
1 cup bran flakes
1 cup wheatgerm
1 cup kibbled wheat
1/2 cup millet meal
1 tsp salt
2 Tblsp brown sugar
2 cups dried milk powder

Mix together and store insealed container. A quarter to half a cup makes 1 adult portion. To 1 cup of cereal, add 3 cups of water and simmer until mixture is desired texture (about 10 mins).

Additional milk, sugar or honey can be added.

elliehen, May 22, 11:15pm
Doesn't the board polarise whenever porridge is mentioned? As the old North Country saying goes:

"There's them that bloats
And them as can eat like goats. "

... and the children's nursery rhyme:
"Jack Sprat could eat no fat,
His wife could eat no lean.
And so betwixt them both
They licked the platter clean. "

nauru, May 23, 5:03am
Who makes the lemon curd yogurt? ? . I used to buy it years ago in the UK from M & S.

elliehen, May 23, 9:08am
Sounds delicious. Could you not just stir lemon curd into a plain yoghurt like unsweetened Cyclops?

winnie15, May 23, 9:36am
very cute indeed.

fruitluva2, May 23, 9:25pm
I lovenut milk, fruit smoothies or frozen blended bananas on creamy porridge.

valtrin, May 24, 12:54am
I love a spoonful of honey yoghurt on my porridge topped with a good layer of grated fresh apple. Good tangy apple like Braeburn though, not Granny Smith or any 'swede like' one.

smoocherpete, Jun 5, 12:02pm
I really like these ideas. i used to soak my rolled oats and raisins in apple juice and sprinkle with cinnamon and other spices. However since trying milk and yoghurt, I think I'm converted. Must get bananas too.

3jtrader, Jun 5, 12:05pm
My fav winter breakfast is a couple of large potatoes, scrubbed and cubed, fried in olive oil, three eggs on two slices of toast that's absolutely drowning in butter, a kiwifruit, coffee, and orange juice.

uli, Jun 5, 9:00pm
That should keep you going till lunch 3jtrader :)

3jtrader, Jun 5, 9:21pm
Just barely :-)

earthangel4, Jun 5, 9:27pm
Bacon and eggs here