Fry Bread HELP please

char87, Jun 23, 5:00am
Hi guys i am looking for a traditional fry bread recipe. I do have a quick version one of 3 cups flour 1/2 cup sugar and water however i know this is not the correct one just one my family likes. A friend of mines mother has passed away and she has asked if i can make a huge batch of fry bread. So please anyone and everyone who has a traditional way of making this could you please be kind and type it out for me. Thanks

turksta3, Jun 23, 6:14am
My husband makes bread frys but i hate it, think he uses egg and bit of milk with cinnamon, sugar and salt pepper, dunks they bread then fry, bit different to yours.

hezwez, Jun 23, 7:03am
Fisher posted this:
Maori Fried Bread
Bowl one:
5 cups plain flour. . 3 tbsp white sugar. . 1/2 tsp salt. ~ mix all together...
Bowl two:
1 tbsp sugar. . 3 cups milk. . boiling water mixed together sprinkle on 1 sachet of fresh yeast ~ mix all together
After 15 minutes combine well into 1 bowl and let rise for 1. 5 hours... Deep fry chunks in hot oil... ready when golden brown. .
And if you type Maori Bread in the search engine on the left doing an 'anytime' search, you may find more.

lilyfield, Jun 23, 12:12pm
sounds horribly unhealthy

diz_fullah, Jun 24, 1:37am
This is the recipe I follow!
Its thereal mc coy, sooo sooo good!
Hard to stop making it tho.

diz_fullah, Jun 24, 1:40am
i mix the sachet of yeast with a little hot water. Let it stand for 15minutes in a big jug. Once the 15minutes has been, i pour it in the bowl with the dry ingredients, then I add the milk one cup at a time.
I mix it all well, then let it stand for 1. 5 hours.
After the rise period, I then roll it out.

donna_jo29, Jun 24, 6:41am
im just posting coz my mum makes this but its just flour baking powder and warm water, and dont know what happens after that, i think lots of kneading. she is going to teach me this soon. and then it just turns out puffy and beeeeaaautiful.

roys351, Jul 24, 10:31am
it carnt be traditional if it has baking powder in it

korbo, Jul 24, 10:44am
when i worked at a girls college, we just made a normal scone dough, punched the middle with your thumb and deep fried. served with golden syrup. they dont have them anymore, not healthy, but my goss, i could go a few right now. love em... . .

pickles7, Jul 24, 8:17pm
The request is for a , deep friedscone.

pickles7, Jul 24, 8:25pm
... korbo... pickles... . donna_jo29 ... . got this one nailed... .

... turksta3...
A few people I know used to make your recipe, it was a way to use up the old bread. . It was fried in... ... dripping... ...

guest, Jul 26, 11:35pm
hi there i found this recipe on the goodmorning shows site awhile ago, havent used it yet but thought id post for yaa:

Matua's Mum's Fry Bread Recipe - 22 July


guest, Dec 2, 6:17pm
3 cups of warm water 3 teaspoons of sugar 1 capful of yeast 3 cups of plain flour 3 teaspoons of salt Cooking oil

Add sugar to water and dissolve, then sprinkle the yeast over the top. Mix the flour and salt in a large bowl and stir in the yeast mixture (can add more flour if needed). Roll out on a floured board and knead.Leave to rise for about 10 minutes, or till it doubles in size. Return the dough to a floured board and knead a little pressing with your knuckles.Cut into small diamond shapes and shallow fry in hot oil until golden.