Tried and tested frozen baking

snomonki, Jun 21, 11:27pm
what baking recipes do you have thats good to freezeso i can just pull a piece out for the kids lunch boxes. i do the usual muffins and biscuit dough what other slices and things freeze well? can you share your recipes with me

245sam, Aug 26, 5:03pm
snomonki, most baking freezes well although I don't often freeze baking personally but I have found that fudge/uncooked slices such as lolly cake, apricot slice, etc. freeze well - and truffles too, and Caramel Crumble is aslice that I froze for at least 3 months then took a plate of it to a take-a-plate function where a friend's Mum who herself is a great cook, not realising that it was my baking, busily told me how lovely the slice was that she was enjoying while we chatted! - sure proof that freezing it had done no harm. The recipe for the Caramel Crumble can be found at:- php? f=15&t=610

and this link will give you access to LOTS of other recipes, including lolly cake, apricot slice and many many more... . . php? f=15

Hope that helps. :-))